Good News During COVID-19

In these extraordinary and unprecedented times, good news can be hard to find. Yee Hong is launching this new blog to bring you heartwarming, feel-good stories from our community. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Christmas Gifts

A neighbour and generous donor to the Yee Hong Mississauga Centre prepared gift bags for all our seniors, including a hand-drawn Christmas card addressed to each resident. After almost a year of pandemic restrictions, this is one family’s gesture to warm all the hearts in the Mississauga Centre.

Praise for Home Support Services Department

A senior living at Chinese Evergreen Manor wrote to say thank you for exemplary service when her husband’s care needs changed abruptly. The pandemic couldn’t stop Yee Hong’s Home Support Services Team; a skilled and compassionate team of experts came quickly to lend a hand.

Dear Yee Hong Board Members/ Leadership,

I am proud on your behalf of an excellent home support services team! They provide heartwarming and caring service, they put themselves on the resident’s shoes, be anxious of what we are anxious of.

I am living at Yee Hong Chinese Evergreen, my husband has dementia. In September, he suddenly cannot stand. In this critical moment, the Program Coordinator from Home Support immediately visited for an assessment. Overcoming the lack of manpower due to the pandemic, she took quick decisive action, and assisted us in purchasing a hospital bed and wheelchair. The team is providing incontinent care twice daily and assists bathing twice weekly. Every staff that comes to help brings a smile on their face, holding the client’s hand, with their voice so sweet, saying, “How are you sir? Will you help us to stand? Don’t be afraid.” With every single smile and sweetest simple language, it touches the heart of the client and family.

In October, the building elevators malfunctioned and was out of commission for three long days due to the missing parts.

The virus is merciless but love is in the world. COVID did not stop the staff members, they stood fast and remained at their post, not afraid of the risk of the virus nor the broken elevator, going up and down to the fifth floor.

Because of their love, they build up the value of Yee Hong mission given by the leaders, devote themselves with love and respect.

Thank you Yee Hong Home Support Service Team!

Two seniors are celebrating their centenary this month at Yee Hong Garden Terrace

梁劉玉嬋女士 Mrs. Anna Leung


Mrs. Elsie Lum & Mrs. Anna Leung are reaching their 100th birthday this month. Although there were no big celebration parties due to COVID-19, family members are still visiting them separately one by one to show their love. The Management Office at Yee Hong Garden Terrace also delivered flower bouquets, together with Birthday Greetings from the Queen and the Governor General, to them on their birthdays.

林趙慧劍女士 Mrs. Elsie Lum


Elsie is still living independently and sometime cooks for herself while Anna is often taken care by different family members. Both seniors are still in good health and living happily in their homes at YHGT.

Wellness baskets for older adults

Yee Hong Community and Professional Services delivered Wellness and Appreciation Baskets with fruits and health-related information to over 200 older adults, caregivers and volunteers in the community at the end of August. Thanks to staff and volunteers of Caregiver Education & Support Services, Community Support Services, Home Support Services and Volunteer Development!

We were able to reach out to the older adults living in Markham, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, as well as downtown Toronto. The older adults were happy to see the visitors while respecting physical distancing measures. The team will continue to address the needs of older adults in the community by developing new programs and services.

15th anniversary of Yee Hong Garden Terrace

2020 is Yee Hong Garden Terrace’s 15th anniversary. YHGT arranged a safe and fun celebration despite the pandemic.

Each unit received a gift bag including an access card holder and two cloth masks with YHGT’s logo. In addition, the Management Office arranged a simple but grand outdoor party to celebrate our 15th anniversary on August 19 in the evening. We invited famous radio DJ Mr. Edwin Lok to perform for us.

About 80 residents attended the celebration. Everyone in the audience put on a mask and kept 2m apart from each other. In the one-hour program, apart from enjoying the songs, the audience also participated in a line dance to stretch their muscles and joints. Our special evening showed we can have fun together and stay safe. It was very happy. We hope all residents will continue to enjoy living in Yee Hong Garden Terrace.

Meals served to frontline workers


The Grand Cinnamon Banquet & Convention Centre delivered 391 meals to frontline workers in Scarborough at Yee Hong’s McNicoll Centre, Finch Centre and Garden Terrace on Thursday, August 6.

The meals were arranged by Shaun Chen, Member of Parliament for Scarborough North to appreciate those who have been working hard to protect the most vulnerable in our community during the pandemic.


“I am incredibly proud that Yee Hong residents have had zero cases of COVID and an amazing track record in the community. It’s not possible without the people behind it. Those are the hardworking nurses, PSWs and everyone who works at Yee Hong and all the seniors’ facility organizations across the riding to support our most vulnerable,” said MP Shaun Chen.


“Thank you to all of the frontline workers and the management team at Yee Hong. Because of your efforts, we had a perfect record. We kept the virus away from our residents in all four Yee Hong Centres,” said Dr. Joseph Wong, Yee Hong Founder and Chair of Yee Hong Foundation.

“We’re also grateful for the generosity of local business. Thank you for putting your resources behind our work, making meals for people in need and supporting our community,” Dr. Wong added.