Good News During COVID-19

In these extraordinary and unprecedented times, good news can be hard to find. Yee Hong is launching this new blog to bring you heartwarming, feel-good stories from our community. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

The Spirit of “Honour All Elderly, as We Do Our Own Aged Parents”

Addy Leung and Vera Ip

Addy Leung and Vera Ip


Mencius once advocated: “Honour all elderly, as we do our own aged parents.” At Yee Hong Mississauga Centre, the healthcare team puts this old Chinese saying into practice every day. And families notice it too.

The daughter of a resident wrote to express her appreciation to staff members for supporting her mother, who was devastated by the news that her spouse had passed away, when she herself could not be there to comfort her mother. She gave special thanks to Vera Ip (Activation Worker) and Daisy Meng (PSW), who took time to be with her mother and consoled her, and to the team for keeping an eye on her mother, serving her meals in her room and making sure she was eating. In another appreciation email, a son expressed gratitude to Addy Leung (Activation Worker) for kindness and thoughtfulness shown to his father and helped him with shaving and grooming.

Frontline staff understand the anxiety and isolation that residents feel during COVID-19. They make extra efforts to care for residents’ physical and mental health during these trying times, as they care for their own loved ones.

Compassionate McNicoll – Unconditional Care

Chan Fung Yee and Francis Chun


We heartily thank Richmond Hill Christian Community Church who donated a total of 130 washable gowns and caps. These are taken by staff upon starting their shift in order to protect their street clothes. They don’t replace PPE, but are useful to wear over the staff’s clothes.

The staff found that they needed pockets in order to make them more functional. Two full-time PSWs, Chan Fung Yee and Francis Chun, used their own time after work to sew 3 pockets on each of the washable gowns. Not only do staff wear more colourful clothing, but it is now more functional thanks to our two generous co-workers. Thanks for looking after each other.

McNicoll Centre 4F staff

Virtual ADP Programs at Yee Hong Markham Centre

Online Virtual Interaction

Online Virtual Interaction


In mid-March, most of our community programs at Yee Hong including Adult Day Program were suspended during the pandemic. Since then, the Markham ADP team has been deployed to Yee Hong Markham long-term care home taking on new duties to help our residents.

On top of deployment duties in long-term care, the Markham ADP team continues to support ADP members through wellness calls in the first few weeks. Beginning in late March the team developed online virtual programs and activities to help ADP members at home stay connected and active.

Online Cognitive Activities

Online Cognitive Activities

“Thanks very much for the good idea of Zoom Meeting. We enjoyed the meeting heartily.” – ADP client

Currently the Virtual ADP program runs 6 days per week (Mon–Sat), and the number of participants has increased to more than 20 members per session. Nearly 40% of all Markham ADP members have been attending virtual ADP activities regularly.

Based on the observations, peer evaluations and feedback from caregivers and ADP participants, Markham ADP team has been working to develop a larger variety of virtual activities including online virtual interactions, group exercise, cognitive activities, a music and creativity session, and more.

Virtual Exercise Session

Virtual Exercise Session

“L. was very happy to see you all and had regained the energy to do exercises.” – Caregiver

The team has also been improving the quality of online connections and interactions to better help members with diverse needs and cultural backgrounds. Recently, the team added a Virtual Chat session helping members communicate with their ADP friends, set Individual and/or small group Virtual Time with members with special needs, and scheduled a Mandarin Virtual Group session on Saturday morning, which are well liked by caregivers and ADP members.

Virtual Tai Chi

Mrs. Won is a resident of Yee Hong Garden Terrace. Apart from her interest in cooking, she loves to practice Tai Chi as a routine to keep fit and healthy. Unfortunately the pandemic suspended all activities including her Tai Chi class. On the morning of Friday, May 1, she was so happy to meet and chat virtually with her Tai Chi Sifu and the instructor she had missed for weeks.

Yee Hong Garden Terrace will arrange a live chat session by WhatsApp or Face Time for residents to meet their friends or family members. To schedule a conversation with someone you love at Garden Terrace, register with the Management Office at 416-940-4820.

Live video chats can shorten the distance between loved ones, and ease feelings of isolation. In the first three weeks since the service launched at Garden Terrace, 40 residents chatted with family members or friends. Let’s stay connected despite the pandemic!

“I Can Dance” – Dance Fitness for Individuals Living with Parkinson’s Disease

With the current stay-at-home measures in place, it can be difficult to find the means and motivation to exercise. There is an increased challenge to find appropriate forms of exercise for individuals who experience mobility limitations. Thanks to an ongoing collaboration between our Community Support Services and Dance DNA Studio, members of Yee Hong’s “I Can Dance” fitness program for individuals with Parkinson’s disease are keeping connected and active through online dance classes! Participants are grateful for the weekly dance sessions, and one participant happily shares that “It’s the next best thing! Gives me a reason not to wear pyjamas all day.”

Staff Recognition and Appreciation!

In recognizing the continued hard work and commitment of the staff at Yee Hong Scarborough Finch Centre, management at the Centre hosted a pizza run on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. Pizza, beverage and utensils stations were set-up in the Centre’s lobby, mindful of physical distancing. During lunch period, the Scarborough Finch Command team and management team handed out pizza slices and beverages to about 90 ‘Day’ shift staff from all departments in the Centre. The pizza run continued through till the evening for ‘Evening’ shift staff and served as mid-night snack for ‘Night’ shift staff. In completing this pizza run, the Centre received lots of positive comments and feedback regarding this staff appreciation initiative. The Centre will continue to offer the continued support to staff and thanks for their hard work during this pandemic period.