Resident Absence Request Form



Schedule a Resident’s Absence

Ministry Directive #3 is our guide to daytime and overnight resident absences. Our top priority is the health and safety of our long-term care residents and staff.

At Yee Hong our residents live in community. For this reason several requirements will apply to a resident’s absence, including full immunization, absences scheduled in advance, and COVID testing and isolation in the days following the resident’s return to Yee Hong. Please contact the nursing station to request a Short Absence (Day Outing) for your loved one. A clinical leader will help you to make arrangements.

At present, the ministry will only allow day absences for fully immunized residents.

General Precautions 注意事項

  • Self-screening for COVID-19 typical and atypical symptoms is very important: Family members and visitors should conduct regular self-screening and avoid all contact with your loved one/LTC resident if any signs and symptoms of illness are present.
  • Conduct meticulous hand hygiene using alcohol-based sanitizer or soap and water and avoid touching your face
  • Residents and visitors should wear a mask when physical distancing is not possible
  • Do not share food, beverages or personal items