Story submitted by Markham Yee Hong Activation Worker Dong Hong Yang

Madam Hsiung is living at the third floor of Yee Hong Markham Centre. Every year on her birthday, her devoted children will take her home and celebrate her birthday with family members. Before COVID-19, all of the residents on each floor will celebrate their birthdays each month together. With the help of volunteers, we had gifts, songs, tea, snacks, good wishes, and laughter during each birthday celebration. However, this year, due to COVID-19, all non-essential visits were cancelled, and group activities have been suspended. Therefore, this year we have to be creative in designing Po Po’s birthday party.

On Po Po’s birthday, I brought her to the Dining Room; then turned on the lap top computer and connected by FaceTime with her daughter. When Po Po saw her daughter wearing red clothing in front of the computer screen and sending her birthday wishes, she was extremely happy! Afterwards, the nursing staff, Activation Manager and kitchen staff came into the dining room. We all sang the happy birthday song to Po Po and gave her a birthday card, gift, and sent her our best wishes. This mini and virtual birthday celebration made Po Po very happy! Po Po’s family members gave us very positive feedback. Even though we were all wearing masks, they could not block the expression of our love to Po Po. Everyone is working together to fight this virus. We love our residents dearly and we will continue our duties. There are no obstacles that we cannot overcome together. The staff at the 3rd floor are working closely together as a team. I am very proud of what we have accomplished!