It is my pleasure to connect with you at the end of another fruitful year at Yee Hong. We have plenty of announcements and achievements to celebrate, and I am so proud to showcase the work our Yee Hong team is doing to provide a safe, welcoming, and enriching program/services for our residents, our hospice clients, and those living within the communities we serve. We are also extremely proud of the impact we have been making with our advisory, education and research offerings.

This has been a transformative year for Yee Hong.  Most importantly we kept our residents and caregivers safe and thriving throughout the tail end of a global pandemic. We also hit the ground running on the second phase of our strategic plan, made significant strides with our fifth and newest long-term care home, and marked the anniversaries of our McNichol Centre and Mississauga home. Moreover, Yee Hong won critical Community Services grants for a new Online Dementia Hub for Chinese Seniors and Age Well at Home Program – two initiatives that will advance our goal of helping seniors age at home.

Of course, a highlight from this past year was joining colleagues, government allies, and construction partners to break ground on the Finch II Long-Term Care Centre on our Finch campus of care. I am excited to cut the ribbon on this amazing addition and will share updates on construction as it takes shape. 

What makes me proud about Yee Hong is that we are always evolving. 2023 saw the beginnings of transformation across our entire organization, and I am eager to see where they take us. We are moving ahead with positive energies and open minds as we explore the opportunities and changes that will serve our vision of empowering seniors to “live lives to the fullest with independence, health, and dignity.”

It’s been a busy year for Yee Hong, and we’re ready to ring in 2024. In the spirit of the holiday season, I wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who makes working at Yee Hong so rewarding. That includes the extremely passionate and dedicated people at Yee Hong, our long-term care partners, and our residents, caregivers, families and community members, whose generosity and support inspire us every day.

Happy Holidays and I look forward to reconnecting in the new year.