About Us

Yee Hong is a not-for-profit senior care organization, delivering high-quality, culturally appropriate services to Chinese and other ethnic seniors since 1994. Operating 805 long-term care home beds and a wide range of community support services, Yee Hong annually serves over 15,000 individuals across the Greater Toronto Area.

Yee Hong Centre Scarborough Finch
Yee Hong Ho Lai Oi Wan Centre (Markham)
Yee Hong Centre Scarborough McNicoll
Yee Hong Centre Mississauga

Yee Hong Is Speaking Up and Acting to End Racism

Acts of violence against our communities in the Toronto area and elsewhere are a painful reminder that systemic racism persists in Canada. Anti-Asian racism isn’t new; although Anti-Asian racism has been brought to the forefront during this pandemic, Asians have long experienced and witnessed stigma and discrimination even before Canada became a nation. Whether we were born in or immigrated to Canada from another country, Asians regularly face racism and oppression today.

Yee Hong and our allies are speaking out and taking action to end all forms of systemic oppression against individuals and communities regardless of our ethnicity, gender identity and socio-economic status. At Yee Hong we know that each of us has a role to play. We will educate ourselves to better understand the impact of systemic racism on Asians and other ethnic groups including but not limited to Indigenous, Black, and Islamic communities. We will explore the complex legacy of colonialism in our shared history and what it means for us today and generations to come.

It’s time for us to raise our voices and talk about what racism looks like, how it wounds us deeply, and how it weakens Canadian society. Moving forward requires constructive collective action that includes not only awareness and commitment but also specific policies and practices to prevent oppression in the first place.

Yee Hong was founded on anti-oppression values and principles. Thirty-four years later, Yee Hong continues its advocacy, system capacity-building and care delivery roles with our full continuum of culturally appropriate long-term services and care to empower seniors, caregivers and families to live their lives to the fullest. We invite every Canadian to join us on this ongoing journey.


To be the model of excellence in culturally appropriate seniors’ care.


To enable Chinese Canadian and other seniors to live their lives to the fullest, healthy, independent and dignified, through our continuum of excellent, culturally appropriate care.


Yee Hong’s values are Respect, Compassion, Commitment, Excellence, Teamwork, Integrity and Accountability. These values represent our founding beliefs that guide our decision- making and processes.

ValuesRespect: We value each person as a unique individual and respect his or her background, beliefs and choices.

Compassion: We foster a caring and supportive environment that accepts people as they are.

Commitment: We promote dedication in our roles and dedication to the organization’s vision, mission and values.

Excellence: We promote client centered care, excellence in service delivery, and quality of work life.

Teamwork: We foster cooperation, collaboration and mutual trust among staff, volunteers and clients.

Integrity: We adopt an ethical approach in everything we do.

Accountability: We accept responsibility for the resources entrusted to us.

Our Story

The Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care (formerly the Chinese Community Nursing Home for Greater Toronto), started from humble roots. Our founder Dr. Joseph Wong witnessed how Chinese seniors were experiencing language and cultural barriers in Toronto facilities, and was moved to take action. In 1987, he with a group of 30 Chinese Canadian friends began fundraising to build a nursing home to care for parents and grandparents.

Our Story

From 1990, the Dragon Ball grew to its main fundraising event. This premier black-tie Chinese fundraiser attracts volunteers, donors, and politicians, including the Prime Minister of Canada.

The Yee Hong Centre was officially opened in October 1994. Yee Hong Centre Scarborough McNicoll K.C. Poon was expanded to 155 beds. Shortly thereafter, the Ministry of Health awarded a total of 715 beds, the largest such allocation to a non-profit organization in the history of Ontario. The Yee Hong Centre Capital Campaign raised funds to build centres in Markham Ho Lai Oi Wan (2002: 200 beds), Mississauga (2003: 200 beds), and Scarborough Finch To Heung Chan (2004; 250 beds).

McNicoll Garden
To date, Yee Hong Centre remains the largest non-profit nursing home in the country and includes a full continuum of care community and supportive housing services including Aw Chan Kam Chee Evergreen Manor.

New housing options for seniors

In March 2020 Yee Hong launched a new subsidiary to develop independent living communities for seniors.

Yee Hong Seniors Living Inc. is jointly owned by two Yee Hong charities, Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care and Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation. The new organization will focus on developing, building and operating culturally-appropriate seniors living communities. An 18-story building next to Yee Hong’s Mississauga long-term care home has been proposed to Mississauga City Council for approval, and other projects in Scarborough and Markham are being considered.

Come take a look! https://www.yhsl.ca