Yee Hong Newsletter

An Honourable Visit

In June, we received a visit from Manitoba’s former Lieutenant Governor Philip S. Lee. Mr. Lee has a distinguished record of leadership and volunteerism within Winnipeg’s Chinese-Canadian community, serving as an advocate for the concerns of Manitobans of Chinese heritage.

We were honoured to welcome Mr. Lee to our residential hospice and showcase Yee Hong’s offering of culturally-appropriate services for Chinese and other ethnic seniors in our community. We look forward to collaborating with healthcare organizations in Manitoba!

Making Safe Connections this Summer

If you’ve been to one of our Centres lately, you’ll know safety is still a top priority. The pandemic isn’t finished, and we continue to assess the risk and adjust our measures.

As summer begins, a few things are changing and a few are the same:

  • When you arrive, answer the questions on Yee Hong’s COVID-19 screening app on your phone.
  • Wear a mask as you enter, sanitize your hands, and switch to one of our approved masks at the COVID test station.
  • Everyone coming through the door takes a rapid test, which is valid for entry to our Centres for 48 hours. Remember to stamp and update your passport.
  • At all times in our Centres, whether you are visiting or volunteering, you are required to wear a mask covering your mouth and nose.

On the news we’re also hearing about Monkeypox infections in Canada. Although the risk is very low in long-term care homes, you can improve safety for everyone by washing your hands often. Masks and frequent hand hygiene make us safe from other diseases, not just COVID-19.

This summer, our fundraising activities are in full swing!

Yee Hong Golf Classic ad

The Yee Hong Foundation has kicked off the summer with some memorable events! It all started off with a collaboration with Toronto Phoenix, an organization based in Toronto that supports and empowers breast cancer survivors. Our team took part in the 200m race and won 2nd place in their division. No words can describe the strength and determination that these strong and wonderful women put in for paddling for Yee Hong and our seniors.

We were also very excited to participate in this year’s VegRun, a month-long event starting from June 18th to July 16th. Yee Hong Foundation had the honor of being one of the two beneficiaries for the event. The first two-weeks’ proceeds will directly go towards the Yee Hong Foundation in support of the construction of the 3 new long-term care centres.

In early June, the Canada-China Realty Professional Association (CCRPA) committed to raising $1 million for our “Love Gives” Capital Campaign. Our current goal is to raise $30 million to start construction of the first new centre in Scarborough, we hope that the community continues to think of us but also gives with an open heart.

On August 4, 2022, Yee Hong’s annual Golf Classic Fundraiser will be happening at The Country Club in Woodbridge, Ontario. This event will bring together many of Yee Hong’s donors, sponsors, and other supporters. A day of activities, food, competition, and games will be in full effect for all participants! For more information on the event, please check

Menu Planning and Nutrition in LTC

The Ontario government’s Fixing Long-Term Care Act passed last year and new rules for nutrition and meal planning are coming into force. This means more flexibility and more choices for residents during meals. Each of our homes is working with the local Residents’ Council to encourage their input and gather information about preferences. The feedback we collect will be shared at the next meeting of the Family Council. As we have for many years, each home will also present their summer menu for approval.

In some cases, Yee Hong is already a step ahead of the Act’s new rules. We have always built our plans on the preferences of our residents, and a wide range of healthy choices are available at every meal. We’re committed to continuous improvement and that’s why our team is excited about the changes to come from feedback we receive; that might mean adjusting when meals are served or adding new menu options.

For more information about our mealtime improvements and menus, please contact the Food Services Manager and/or Executive Director in your home to discuss.

McNicoll Residents Decorate Their Home!

The lobby of our McNicoll LTC site has been transformed with a cheerful and colorful butterfly display. Throughout the Spring, McNicoll residents folded origami butterflies and linked them together to form beautiful artwork that hangs in our ground floor corridor.

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and hope. This artistic display is a perfect tribute to Yee Hong’s recent rebranding and new strategic plan, signalling a new chapter and new energy. A rich mix of colours represent diversity and inclusion, reflecting Yee Hong’s range of services, staff and clientele.

Our residents were super excited to see their artwork go up. We hope that it brings cheer and joy to all those that see it as well!

Yee Hong’s “Love Gives” capital campaign has raised $10 million

Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation launched its long-awaited “Love Gives” capital campaign last month and has raised $10 million to date, including the inaugural donation of $5 million from the Wu Si Chong Foundation of Hong Kong. The campaign will support construction of three new long-term care facilities in Scarborough, Markham and Mississauga, doubling our current capacity and reducing the wait times.

The aptly named “Love Gives” campaign is all about giving. It is our turn to give back to our seniors so they can enjoy their golden years in the healthiest, most independent, and dignified way. Together we can achieve the true meaning of Love Gives.

Dr. Joseph Wong, Yee Hong Founder and Foundation Chair, was thankful for the generous startup donation. “The pandemic has delayed the official start of this campaign and affected much of our fundraising work. It’s inspiring to know the Wu Si Chong Foundation has committed their support for our vision of Yee Hong.”

Dr. Wong also expressed heartfelt gratitude to Yee Hong’s longtime donors and supporters. “Over the past three decades, Yee Hong has grown from a single nursing home to operating four centres with 805 long-term care beds, a hospice, and a wide range of community services. None of this could have happened without our volunteers and benefactors.”

“The Love Gives capital campaign has started off on the right foot, towards our goal of $80 million. It’s a monumental task but the reward will be tremendously fulfilling.” said Stephen Siu, President of Yee Hong Foundation.

The target of the campaign’s first stage is $30 million, to start construction of the new Scarborough centre. Please support us at, because “Love Gives”.