Angela Yin, a Registered Nurse at Yee Hong’s Markham Centre, returned to work on May 5 after recovering from COVID-19. The management team and Angela’s colleagues stood in the lobby a safe distance from one another at 3pm yesterday. When Angela rounded the corner, everyone erupted into applause.

Two employees of Yee Hong have tested positive for COVID-19 so far across all four long-term care centres, and Angela is the first to return to work. She has been isolated at home and has not been in contact with any residents since March 24. After her symptoms subsided, and before her return, she tested negative two times for COVID-19.

On behalf of the entire Yee Hong family, Executive Director Tracy Cheung presented Angela a welcome card with flowers. “We are so glad to have Angela back. Every employee is an integral part of the team and we are always stronger together,” said Tracy.

Please join us in congratulations and a warm welcome for Angela.