Hospice patients and families can now fully embrace sunshine and summer breeze in the comfort of the new Gazebo Garden. Many thanks to Yee Hong Garden Terrace (YHGT) residents who raised $6,000 in just one week to acquire the beautiful Gazebo and outdoor furniture.

Previously, patients would stay indoors because there were insufficient outdoor facilities at the Hospice. Wanting to feel the summer sun when visiting loved ones at the Hospice, YHGT residents together with the Residents’ Association Chairperson Mrs. Julia Chan decided to help.

An appreciation event was held last week. YHGT residents were invited for an afternoon gathering in the new garden. Laughter, sunshine, and good spirits were shared around the table. Mrs. Julia Chan and her friends also brought homemade treats.

It was a heartwarming moment to see the smiles on the residents’ face and the love among the Yee Hong family.