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Advanced Care Planning

the creation of documents, such as advanced care directives and living wills, that provide specific direction to health care providers in the event that a person is unable to communicate their wishes themselves.


the period of grief and mourning following the death of someone.


anyone who provides care for another person. They can tends to the needs and/or concerns of a person living with an illness, injury, mobility, or memory challenges. There are ‘informal’, meaning unpaid, and ‘formal’, paid, caregivers.

Day Hospice Program

A program within a Hospice, hospital, Palliative Care unit, or Long Term Care that is especially designed to promote recreational, social, and therapeutic activities among people living with a progressive life-limiting illness how are living at home....

Do Not Resuscitate

(DNR) a medical order signed by a doctor or nurse (RN) that instructs that no cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is performed on the person who natural stops breathing, or their heart stops, due to a progressive life-limiting illness.