The Ontario government’s Fixing Long-Term Care Act passed last year and new rules for nutrition and meal planning are coming into force. This means more flexibility and more choices for residents during meals. Each of our homes is working with the local Residents’ Council to encourage their input and gather information about preferences. The feedback we collect will be shared at the next meeting of the Family Council. As we have for many years, each home will also present their summer menu for approval.

In some cases, Yee Hong is already a step ahead of the Act’s new rules. We have always built our plans on the preferences of our residents, and a wide range of healthy choices are available at every meal. We’re committed to continuous improvement and that’s why our team is excited about the changes to come from feedback we receive; that might mean adjusting when meals are served or adding new menu options.

For more information about our mealtime improvements and menus, please contact the Food Services Manager and/or Executive Director in your home to discuss.