Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Yee Hong has received many notes of appreciation from our residents, families and volunteers, and we are delighted to share some of them with you in this occasional series.

Despite how tough the last few weeks have been, we are so grateful for Yee Hong Markham’s rapid response to the global pandemic to ensure every resident’s safety and your commitment to our community. -Alison, Amanda, Catherine and Alex Chow

I also want you to know I appreciated very much of your thoughtfulness in setting up video chat/meeting service at Yee Hong. It is vital and the only way my siblings and I are able to see and speak to our mother during the lock down. You are all heroes in our eyes. – Betty and John Garden

Thank you Yee Hong for all that have done during this deadly pandemic, and all that you and all the staffs do every day for seniors like our dad. – Polly, Heman and Patricia Kwan

To all the staff at Yee Hong , thank you for taking care of our venerable seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic. You deserve our respect as you work in three shifts, face the challenges but never turn back. When the outbreaks happen in some of the long-term care homes in Toronto and Mississauga, there have been no cases among residents at Yee Hong. Great job! – From a family member