If you’ve been to one of our Centres lately, you’ll know safety is still a top priority. The pandemic isn’t finished, and we continue to assess the risk and adjust our measures.

As summer begins, a few things are changing and a few are the same:

  • When you arrive, answer the questions on Yee Hong’s COVID-19 screening app on your phone.
  • Wear a mask as you enter, sanitize your hands, and switch to one of our approved masks at the COVID test station.
  • Everyone coming through the door takes a rapid test, which is valid for entry to our Centres for 48 hours. Remember to stamp and update your passport.
  • At all times in our Centres, whether you are visiting or volunteering, you are required to wear a mask covering your mouth and nose.

On the news we’re also hearing about Monkeypox infections in Canada. Although the risk is very low in long-term care homes, you can improve safety for everyone by washing your hands often. Masks and frequent hand hygiene make us safe from other diseases, not just COVID-19.