Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation launched its long-awaited “Love Gives” capital campaign last month and has raised $10 million to date, including the inaugural donation of $5 million from the Wu Si Chong Foundation of Hong Kong. The campaign will support construction of three new long-term care facilities in Scarborough, Markham and Mississauga, doubling our current capacity and reducing the wait times.

The aptly named “Love Gives” campaign is all about giving. It is our turn to give back to our seniors so they can enjoy their golden years in the healthiest, most independent, and dignified way. Together we can achieve the true meaning of Love Gives.

Dr. Joseph Wong, Yee Hong Founder and Foundation Chair, was thankful for the generous startup donation. “The pandemic has delayed the official start of this campaign and affected much of our fundraising work. It’s inspiring to know the Wu Si Chong Foundation has committed their support for our vision of Yee Hong.”

Dr. Wong also expressed heartfelt gratitude to Yee Hong’s longtime donors and supporters. “Over the past three decades, Yee Hong has grown from a single nursing home to operating four centres with 805 long-term care beds, a hospice, and a wide range of community services. None of this could have happened without our volunteers and benefactors.”

“The Love Gives capital campaign has started off on the right foot, towards our goal of $80 million. It’s a monumental task but the reward will be tremendously fulfilling.” said Stephen Siu, President of Yee Hong Foundation.

The target of the campaign’s first stage is $30 million, to start construction of the new Scarborough centre. Please support us at, because “Love Gives”.