Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

Based on the esteemed Stanford University model, this program is designed to help people with chronic diseases improve their quality of life. It empowers clients with self-management skills in medication and emotional management and spreads public awareness of the importance of self-management in coping with chronic health conditions in the Chinese community.

As a licensed agency, Yee Hong provides this program as well as the leaders’ training program. Our qualified T-trainer trains Master Trainers and our five Master Trainers in turn provide training for Program Leaders. In 2007 and 2008, Yee Hong’s Living Well with Chronic Diseases – Chronic Disease Self-Management in Chinese Community program was elected twice to enter the Celebrating Innovations in Health Care Expo.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program
Chronic Disease Self-Management Program


  • Community-based
  • Small group setting, highly structured and interactive
  • Disease-specific for clients with Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and chronic pain
  • Multidisciplinary approach, with support from registered pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers
  • Ongoing support groups for participants of disease-specific programs and their caregivers


  • General program
  • Disease-specific programs:
    • Living well with chronic pain
    • Living well with diabetes
    • Living well with Parkinson’s disease
  • Leaders’ training program


Fees vary depending on the number of sessions and type of program.

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