Guidelines on Fundraising and Donations

Fundraising Guidelines

The Board, staff and volunteers involved in fundraising for the Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation are dedicated to helping the Centre fulfill its mission and goals. The fundraising efforts and the day-to-day operations should work in harmony for the ultimate benefit of the client for whom both functions serve. These tasks should be accomplished with integrity, honesty and with the knowledge that the ultimate goal of the Foundation and its fundraising efforts is the holistic welfare of the people served by the Centre.


All fundraising activities, whether done directly by the Foundation or through a third party, must use ethical fundraising methods that are in line with the mission and philosophy of Yee Hong.


The Foundation will publicly acknowledge all donors unless a request for confidentiality is expressly received.


  • Actively solicit funds from the community it exists to serve as well as from other funding sources.
  • Provide the needed financial support to the Centre to enable it to fulfill its mission and provide the highest quality of services.
  • Engage in sound financial management and investment of its assets.
  • Actively seek to maximize the funds available for the use of the Centre.

Donation Guidelines

As a vital addition to strong public support from the provincial government, the Foundation welcomes gifts from individuals, foundations, businesses, associations and corporations whose high ethical standards reflect the beliefs and philosophies of Yee Hong.

Naming in recognition of donations are determined in accordance with the Foundation’s Policy on Naming.

The Foundation does not accept gifts that require it to provide any valuable consideration to the donor or anyone designated by the donor, such as access to Yee Hong services, employment in the Centre, enrolment in a Centre program or a Centre procurement contract.

Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation is a registered charitable organization # 13143 3666 RR0001.