As you know, safety and well-being are the highest priorities at Yee Hong. COVID-19 vaccination is now mandatory in Yee Hong workplaces for employees, student learners and volunteers.

We have been making every effort possible to encourage our staff to be vaccinated to protect our residents, families, visitors and fellow workers. We are educating our unvaccinated staff about how the vaccines work, their safety, and the benefits and risks of vaccination. It’s time to reach for 100%.

A very small number of Yee Hong staff members remain unvaccinated, and their reasons to delay vaccination are very personal. We offer staff the necessary supports – flexible schedules, booking assistance, on-site clinics and reimbursement for costs – to make getting their vaccine as easy as possible.

Employees, student learners, and volunteers in our buildings must be fully vaccinated by October 30. Staff who do not meet the new policy requirements will be placed on an unpaid leave, and students, volunteers and agency/third-party contractors who do not meet the new policy requirements will not be able to continue their placement or contract.

Some people who delayed vaccination are facing a hard choice, but it means peace of mind for the whole community. Each of us is making a personal commitment to Yee Hong’s safety culture to protect our vulnerable seniors.

Our mandatory policy is the last step in our journey to fully vaccinated workplaces. It shows Yee Hong’s leadership, and it brings the community together to protect one another.