Yee Hong responds to COVID-19

Last updated: Jan 28, 2022, 8:20pm

Current COVID-19 cases at Yee Hong

The current Omicron wave is causing unprecedented spread of COVID-19 in the communities where we live. Yee Hong is vigilant to detect the virus when it occurs in our Centres, and we take comprehensive steps for infection prevention and control. We work closely with our local public health partners for the safety of our residents and staff.

PCR positive tests for COVID-19 in long-term care are as follows (current cases only):

Finch Centre
McNicoll Centre
Staff 5 3 3 9
Residents 0 0 0 0
Public Health
declared outbreak?
Facility Outbreak

Staff and family members receive detailed information by email when case counts change at their LTC Centre.

Cancelled/Suspended Services

Current as of:

Programs and services listed below are cancelled/suspended until further notice:

  • Transportation services to and from Yee Hong Centres (meals on wheels delivery continues without interruption)
  • Caregiver Education & Resource Centre (in-person)
  • In-person Active Senior Programs and Congregate Dining
  • In-person Adult Day Programs (limited off-site service available starting January 18, 2022)

Call the Yee Hong COVID-19 Vaccine Support Hotline 416-412-4570 to get more information on COVID vaccinations. We are open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, if you need help to schedule a vaccine appointment in Toronto, Peel or York Regions.

What’s New

December 29, 2021 – General visiting and resident day absences suspended
On December 28 the government announced that general visiting and day absences for residents will be suspended in Ontario long-term care homes. This change applies to all four Yee Hong Centres and will take effect at midnight tonight.

The government’s order permits essential caregivers to visit. An essential caregiver provides direct care to meet the essential needs of a particular resident. Essential caregivers must be at least 16 years of age and must be designated by the resident or his/her substitute decision-maker. Direct care includes providing support/assistance to a resident that includes providing direct physical support (for example, eating, bathing and dressing) and/or providing social and emotional support. A maximum of two essential caregivers may be designated for each resident.

Essential Caregiver Designation Form

Yee Hong is working directly with residents, families and volunteers affected by these changes. The government has determined these temporary enhanced measures are necessary during the current Omicron wave of the pandemic to keep everyone safe in our Centres.

December 22, 2021 – Positive test for COVID-19
A resident of our Markham Centre has tested positive for COVID-19. The resident has no symptoms and has been isolated from other residents. Staff and the families of residents on the same floor will be kept abreast of developments as new information becomes available.

Enhanced hygiene, testing and tracing, additional PPE for workers and cohorting of our care teams to prevent contamination across floors is in place to contain the virus, and we are working closely with our partners at York Region Public Health. Yee Hong requires everyone working or visiting in our Centres to be vaccinated, and the residents with direct exposure to this positive case are themselves fully vaccinated. No one on the affected floor is showing signs or symptoms of infection.

December 19, 2021 – Celebrating Safely During the 2021 Holiday Season
We received new instructions from the Ministry that will affect visiting, vaccination and COVID-19 screening practices in all Yee Hong Centres. The government has ordered prompt action due to the unprecedented spread of the Omicron variant in Ontario.

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Celebrating Safely During The 2021 Holiday Season

The pandemic is changing our environment again. We received new instructions from the Ministry that will affect visiting, vaccination and COVID-19 screening practices in all Yee Hong Centres. The government has ordered prompt action due to the unprecedented spread of the Omicron variant in Ontario.

Yee Hong and our community can work together to protect the people who live and work in our buildings. Several measures will take effect by Friday, December 17:

Building Access

  • The Ministry of Long-Term Care introduced a new requirement that everyone entering a long-term care home must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Certain conditions (see page 2 of the Ministry memo attached) apply in the case of designated Essential Caregivers.
  • Everyone who enters a Yee Hong building will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms or exposure. You may not visit if you are ill or have symptoms, even if your symptoms are mild.
  • A negative rapid test is required for everyone entering our buildings. This requirement applies to everyone, regardless of your vaccination status. Rapid tests are valid for 48 hours.
  • Please leave children at home if you will visit a Yee Hong Centre. The government will not permit children between the ages of 1 and 5 to enter an Ontario long-term care home.

Safe visiting during the holidays

  • A maximum of two people may visit a resident indoors at any one time.
  • Essential Caregivers are always welcome up to a maximum of two people for one resident at one time.
  • While visiting, follow our infection prevention and control practices. Answer the screener’s questions at the entrance, complete your Rapid Antigen test, wash your hands often, and wear a mask at all times over your nose, mouth and chin. We encourage you to wear eye protection and maintain physical distance from others.

Resident Absences

There are 4 types of absences:

  1. Medical absences are absences to seek medical and /or health care
  2. Compassionate and palliative absences include, but not limited to, absences for purpose of visiting a dying loved one
  3. Short term (day) absences or Social absences are absences that are less than or equal to 24 hours in duration
  4. Temporary absences include absences involving 2 or more days and one or more nights for non-medical reasons

For all types of absences listed above, staff are to provide a medical grade mask to the residents to be worn as tolerated. Residents are also remind to follow public health measures, such as physical distancing and hand hygiene, while they are away from the home.

Residents who are on a contact and droplet precautions and/or reside in an area of the home that is in an outbreak cannot participate in short or temporary absences but can leave for medical, palliative or compassionate reasons.

Day absences

  • Day absences for social purposes are permitted for fully vaccinated residents only.

Overnight absences

  • Overnight absences for social purposes are being suspended, regardless of vaccination status. Residents who wish to leave the home overnight for social purposes will need to follow the appropriate discharge process, as required in section 147.1 of O.Reg.79/10 (General) under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 as well as the re-admission protocol when they return at a later date.
  • Essential, medical and compassionate and palliative absences are still permitted, regardless of vaccination status.

Requirements upon return

Day absences

  • Actively screen residents upon return.
  • Rapid test and PCR test on day 3 following absence, followed by a PCR test on day 7. No isolation is required unless positive result is received.
  • If known exposure to a case, PCR test on day 1 and day 7 and isolate until a negative result is confirmed from day 7.
  • Resident, if tolerated, will wear a mask in common areas and will have separate dining until a negative COVID-19 from day 7 is confirmed.

For other absence return (not including day absences)

  • A PCR test is required prior to return or on day 1, and on day 7. Isolation is required until a negative result is confirmed from day 7 (the test prior to return is only valid the day of, or from the previous day).
  • Do enhanced symptom screening on return and twice daily for 10 days following the return.


  • A PCR test is required prior to admission or on day 1, and on day 7. Isolation is required until a negative result is confirmed from day 7 (the test prior to admission is only valid the day of, or from the previous day).
  • Do enhanced symptom screening on admission and twice daily for 10 days following the admission/transfer.

Gifts and Care Packages

  • Please clean your hands before and after handling gifts/care packages.
  • Do not prepare or send packages to a resident if you are not feeling well.


  • Masking is required at all times, and for that reason we ask visitors and Essential Caregivers not to eat while in the room. If you brought food for a loved one, do not share with other residents.
  • Please assist and/or remind our residents to clean their hands before and after eating.

For more information

You can download the following PDFs for more information about the new procedures and policies:
Visiting Yee Hong LTC Homes during Pandemic
Ontario Ministry of Long Term Care Memo on Enhanced Measures for LTC Homes
Admission, Transfer, and Absence of Residents during Pandemic

The government has prepared more information to stay safe for the holidays at this link. We encourage everyone to please get your flu and COVID-19 immunizations, including booster shots, before the holiday season.

Connecting Family with Residents

Video Chat

In order to support our residents and their loved ones during this time, we are providing video chat services to help our long-term care residents connect with their family members. If you would like to talk to your loved ones through video chat, please complete the online registration form below and we will get back to you with further information as soon as possible.

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Video chat instructions

Using FaceTime (Apple devices only)
Using Skype
Adding Contacts in Skype

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