Dementia Guidance Online Resource Hub (Mandarin)

  Dementia Guidance Online Resource Hub, specifically designed for the Chinese community in Canada. This Online Resources Hub organizes a comprehensive collection of dementia information and support services tailored for Chinese communities, aiming to improve understanding and facilitate access to culturally appropriate dementia supports and resources. In this workshop we will navigate the Dementia Guidance […]

Information for Caregivers: Pensions for Seniors (English)

  Whether you are just starting to apply for pension or you are already receiving one, you can learn a lot of useful information from Service Canada regarding the different types of pensions that seniors in Canada receive such as CPP, OAS, and GIS. Click here for Registration 請按此處登記

For Caregivers: Introduction to Long Term Care Homes (Cantonese)

  Moving into long-term care can be a difficult decision for both the elderly moving and their family. This session will help you to understand long-term care homes in Ontario and get help applying. You will learn: What is a long-term care home? Types of homes Eligibility Services and cost How to apply Click NYCBC […]

Winter is Still Here – Escape the Winter Blues and Stay Active (Cantonese)

  As the chilly winter days confine us indoors, it's easy to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and experience discomfort from prolonged sitting and decreased activity, leading to lower back pain. At this session, Esther Ho, Registered BCRPA fitness leader, shares her expertise in home-based exercises tailored for the winter season. Esther will guide […]

Caregiving Tips: Safety for Senior living Alone (Cantonese)

  Seniors tend to stay home more after retirement. Therefore, we need to aware of home safety of seniors and minimize the potential risk of common accidents that occur at home. Click here for Registration 請按此處登記

Be A Happy Caregiver-MedEx Table Tennis For All (Cantonese)

  MedEx table tennis for all is an innovative program that use table tennis to support seniors and their caregivers. In the webinar, we will share with you what it is and how it works. Click here for Registration 請按此處登記

Spring Health and Wellness Tips for Seniors-Preventing Common Diseases in Spring (Cantonese)

  Prevent common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases in spring (cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease attacks, respiratory diseases). After physical strength declines in winter, it is easy to experience weakness in the lower limbs and dizziness when going out for activities. Large temperature changes can easily cause joint and muscle pain.  Speaker : Ms. Shirley He R. […]